About Selah Medi-Spa

Selah Medi-Spa is located in the Heart of Katy, TX. We are conveniently located right off of the i-10 interstate, therefore it is an easy commute for patients coming from all over Harris County. Because we are a privately owned business, not a corporation, our fees and prices are much lower than other facilities in the surrounding area. Therefore, we are able to offer you luxury services at affordable prices. However, this does not indicate that our products or services are of lesser quality. We put passion behind every aspect of our facility to provide you the very best quality possible. That is why we say this is “Luxury Made Affordable”. Selah MediSpa not only offers extremely competitive prices for its multitude of services but also tailors holistic and aesthetic treatments to the individual.

Selah MediSpa provides patients with a full selection of integrative spa services and alternative wellness treatments in one convenient location. The privately-owned spa offers medically supervised weight loss with undiluted HCG using Dr. Sherry Emma’s Protocol. Selah MediSpa takes pride in its high-quality staff. Their goal is providing patients with professional aesthetic and wellness services in a calming, restorative setting.

Selah Medi-Spa's High Quality HCG Commitment
Selah Medi-Spa has always advertised that our HCG is pure, undiluted, pharmaceutical grade, and must be ordered at a pharmacy through a medical doctor’s NPI and License Number. Pharmaceutical grade cannot be distributed any other way. Knowing this, we think it’s important that you compare apples to apples when deciding which facility you can trust to start your journey.

Pure HCG is clear and in liquid form, that is how we get it from our pharmacy in sealed vials. If it is pink or has any other tint to it, there is something added. If you are told that you are getting 150iu or 180iu of HCG and there is color in that vial or syringe, you are getting a lesser amount of actual HCG because it has been mixed with something else, such as B12, or a Lipotropic. We give you pure, undiluted, pharmaceutical grade HCG at 200iu per day. We also offer a five and six week program and up to 400iu per day. We offer four, five, or six week’s protocol of HCG.

After six weeks the body becomes acclimated to the drug and therefore, you must take a short break before starting another regimen. Otherwise, the HCG will not be as effective, which may lead to unsuccessful weight loss. Our HCG protocol is truly medically supervised. Any facility that claims it is medically supervised means that you must see the Medical Doctor or the Registered Nurse one time during the weight loss protocol and check in frequently with medical personnel so that your vitals may be monitored. It is important that you are monitored in case you have any questions concerning your weight loss we can handle them personally. We want to be sure that we can do everything possible to make your weight loss protocol a success.

HCG Diet Patient Testimonials

“My name is Paula Hall. I started HCG in 2012 with Selah. This was my 2nd time doing HCG. After doing a 40-day program with a different facility and only losing 20 pounds, I still wanted to lose more. I paid a lot the first time and was extremely hungry during my diet. I was able to do some research before beginning the HCG again and found Selah MediSpa. Not only could I do a 4-week program at less than half the price of the previous facility, the HCG was better and it controlled my hunger 100% more. I highly recommend Selah to anyone wanting to lose for the first time. It is much more affordable and the staff is extremely helpful. They give you a chance to see how you feel having the option to continue to a longer period of time without feeling like you have lost money.” -Paula Hall, HCG Patient

“My name is Diana Terlep. I came to Selah Medi-Spa because I was overweight, have diabetes, and high blood pressure. My first 6 weeks with Selah I lost 38 lbs. on HCG, the second time I tried 4 weeks and lost 22 lbs. My blood work is now normal and I have lost 4 dress sizes. I was never hungry and felt great with this diet. I took Super Slim Shots and used the Ionic Cleanse to aide with my weight loss. It really works, I even lost most of my belly fat. Selah has everything you need to help with weight loss and to make you look better after. Viora, Juvederm, and Botox have also helped me to look my very best after my weight loss. Selah’s surroundings are peaceful and luxurious, and the staff are very great and extremely helpful.” -Diana Terlep, HCG Patient

To learn more about the HCG Diet and how Selah Medi-Spa in Katy, Texas, serving the Harris County area, can assist you in reaching your weight loss goals, call today to schedule your FREE consultation!