HCG Diet and HCG Medical Weight Loss For Men

The Katy, Texas HCG Diet specialists at Selah Medi-Spa offer men specialized HCG Diet programs that can safely and effectively help them to achieve their weight loss goals. The customized plans offered at Selah Medi-Spa are built around each patient’s personal lifestyle habits, preferences, and weight loss goals. Offering individualized HCG Diet plans has allowed the HCG Diet specialists at Selah Medi-Spa to help numerous patients achieve weight loss success. Taking a patient centered approach, a Katy, Texas HCG Diet specialist will give men all of the pertinent information that they need to achieve their ideal weight. Throughout the course of the HCG Diet, men can also reap a wide number of benefits from the HCG Diet.

Benefits of the HCG Diet for men may include:

Healthier Confidence
A healthier look that comes with a leaner appearance has helped patients to improve their self-image and confidence, which can significantly improve personal relationships and the quality of life.

More Energy
After patients lose weight, their bodies are able to retain more energy because they do not have to carry around excessive amounts of weight any longer. Higher metabolic functions can also increase energy rates.

Better Sleep
Patients that have completed the HCG diet have reported being able to sleep better, and this may be due to the increased function of the hypothalamus, which is responsible for setting sleeping and waking cycles.
Higher Metabolism
The HCG diet works together with the hypothalamus to help patients to lose ample amounts of weight, which can reset metabolic rates by increasing metabolism.

Reduced Cholesterol
The body has two forms of cholesterol, one being HDL or healthy cholesterol, and the other one being LDL or unhealthy cholesterol. High LDL cholesterol can cause to many health problems, including heart disease, and weight loss can help to decrease these risks.

Lower Triglyceride Levels
Allowing the body to take a break from certain foods while on the HCG Diet can help the content of fat in the blood to decrease, which can lower triglyceride levels.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
Heart Disease is one of the most preventable and common diseases in America, and weight loss can decrease the risk for developing heart issues.

Amazing Weight Loss Results!

Patients can lose up to 28 pounds with the HCG 4-week program, up to 35 pounds with the 5-week program, and up to 42 pounds with the 6-week program. HCG is one of the most successful ways of losing weight quickly, but it is extremely important that men follow a maintenance program that the clinic can provide directly after the HCG protocol to help keep the weight off, and men can even lose up to 6-13 pounds during the maintenance. Appetite Suppressants are available upon request; however, because it is a controlled substance, one must make an appointment with the clinic’s RN in order for the prescription drug to be called in to any pharmacy.

At Selah Medi-Spa, the Katy, Texas HCG Diet specialists work to make sure that men achieve their weight loss goals and obtain the many benefits of the HCG Diet. Centering the HCG Diet plan on personal needs, programs are tailored around current health conditions and weight loss obstacles. Helping men to overcome the challenges associated with their weight loss journeys, the Katy, Texas HCG Diet specialists have helped many men to achieve significant weight loss. Multitudes of men in Katy, Texas have been able to lose weight and prevent the consequences of obesity with the HCG Diet.

To learn more about obtaining the benefits of a customized HCG Diet plan, contact a Katy, Texas HCG Diet specialist at Selah Medi-Spa to schedule a FREE consultation!