Patient Testimonials

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my experiences with Selah Medi Spa. The staff is extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and courteous at all times. From the facials and massages to the weight loss program, I could not be more pleased. I highly reccomend their services!” –Bettie Boepple

“I have been going to Selah Medi Spa for about a month for the super slim shot with belly buster and facial skin tightening. The staff is extremely professional and friendly. I would highly recommend their services!!! Ask for Christina – she’s polite, friendly and does an awesome job!” –Donna Martinez

“I went for the HCG program and I am ecstatic with my results! Everyone there is very nice, helpful, and encouraging too! They have a clean facility with nice decor and the whole environment in every room is relaxing. I will definitely recommend them and I look forward to going back to try their other services (massage, facials, etc.).” –Priscilla Reyes

“I’ve been coming here since August and I love the girls! I’ve lost 39 lbs since starting the program (49 this year altogether) and plan on staying on until I get to 70 lost! Cassandra is super positive and helps me stay strong :)” –Kimberly Cropper

“I was looking to start the HCG weight loss program and looked at several places before making my decision to come here. I’m glad I did. They offered the best price and were conveniently located in Katy. So far, I’ve had a great experience here. The staff is very friendly, courteous, and professional and the place is very clean. I recommend Selah Medi-Spa to anyone looking to start HCG weight loss program. You will not be disappointed. I’ve lost a couple of inches off my waist in just 3 weeks!” –Denise Yanez

“I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic early last year. I tried for 5 months to lose weight on my own, and was not getting anywhere. I was in a frustrating cycle of losing a few pounds, then gaining it back. When I decided that I couldn’t lose the weight on my own, I researched weight loss programs & providers. If I was going to pay for weight loss assistance, I wanted to make sure that it was going to be a positive experience.

I chose Selah Medi Spa, and it has been the best weight loss decision I could have made. The staff is truly amazing. From check-in to check-out, the staff is professional, friendly, & goes above and beyond. The facility is relaxing & impeccably clean. The prices are reasonable and the services are customized to help you reach your goals.

I began the Phentermine assisted weight loss program, combined with the B-12/Belly Buster shots. They provided me with nutritional life style changes to help me be successful. I was already eating healthy, but the few nutritional changes were key to helping those stubborn pounds dissolve. I met with Trish weekly for the 1st 6 weeks, then monthly. She took the time to go over my stats each & every visit… my hydration level, my muscle level, my fat level, etc… answering questions, giving me positive feedback & tips to help me succeed.

As I began seeing my weight drop & the inches decrease, I found that I had a couple of areas that needed more assistance than exercise to release the fat storage. So I added a series of Viora treatments to those areas, which aided in releasing the stored fat. This helped my exercise efforts to be much more productive for those few difficult areas.

After 6 months of assistance from Selah Medi Spa, I have gone from a size 12 to a size 6… losing 30-lbs and regaining the slim, feminine figure that I’d lost 4 years ago. My husband looks at me the way he did when we were dating & is much more attentive. My health is so much better. My understanding of my nutritional do’s & don’ts have been well established to help me maintain my new healthier, leaner me… and I’m no longer are risk of becoming diabetic. I’ve established a new healthier lifestyle that will help me to maintain my leaner, healthier figure without the need for an appetite suppressant.

I couldn’t have done it without the amazing staff of Selah Medi Spa! If you adhere to their nutritional & lifestyle guidelines, you will be successful in reaching & maintaining your healthier, leaner you! I can’t put into words how truly thankful I am for the positive weight loss experience that Selah Medi Spa has provided me.”
–Charlie Girl

“Absolutely amazing, the staff is awesome the spa very very clean. I was interested in the weight loss program so many options but the nurse explained everything and what would be helpful for me. “DETOX” wow you have to try i will be back for more treatments. If you want the best this is the place…” –Stacey Rodgers

“The staff here is awesome!! I have been to many different Spas in the Katy area, and this is by far the best value and best service! I have had a couple procedures here, most recently the HCG and Super slim shots. The whole team welcomes you with smiling faces and really supports you on your weight loss journey… and the results are GREAT! I would highly recommend Selah to anyone in the area!” –Kristin Howard

“This place is absolutely amazing. The service is exceptional and the facility is immaculate and well organized. I have been going there since November 2014 and each time that I go, the staff has been wonderful and polite. I am going for the Super Slim Shots and it has been very helpful in aiding me to reach my goal. I would definitely recommend everyone to come and try this place.” –Linda Johnson

“I’m currently receiving the super slim shots at Selah Medi Spa. I have scheduled an appointment to be consulted in regards to the HCG diet plan and protocol. I’m interested in weight loss and/or miaintenance program, and any other services available to clients. There are several services as well as healthy food choices that are provided to clients. The staff there is very courteous, thorough and knowledgeable about all the services available. The atmosphere inside the Selah Medi Spa is very serene and calming. I myself will continue to go there and explore other services I feel that will benefit myself and help to improve my overall health care. I would definitely refer Selah Medi Spa to family and friends.” –Carol Ellers

“Selah Med Spa has a great staff and a clean place. The ready room is very relaxing even before I get treated. Great place!” –Donna Karen

“The courteous and professional staff has yet to cease to amaze me. Staff members show extensive knowledge in the services they provide and make you feel at ease with any choice you make. The experiences with the staff and services has encouraged me to refer several family and friends as well. Selah Medi Spa will not disappoint!” –Luis & Olga Ramirez

“This place was great!! The staff were very nice and helpful! I am going to for sure recommend this place to my friends!!” –Ashley Escamilla

“I have been going to Selah for the past couple of years. This is the most amazing place to go for weight loss/massages/rejuvenation and relaxation. The staff is always very professional and friendly. The prices are great!!! I would highly recommend Selah to anyone.” –Dona Amador

“Selah Medi Spa has all you could ever need. Great staff, many body pampering services, timely appointments, and nutritional supplements. Renew yourself here, body, mind and spirit. A+ all around”
-K. Sealight

“I’ve had an excellent experience with them so far. The staff is really nice and the place is very clean and peaceful. I’ve been going for about a month and I am in love with their service and services. I will be recommending them and continuing services with them for here on out!” –Richelle W.

“What a great weekly escape! Selah has the most professional, kind, and patient staff, the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. With so may products and services to choose from at exceptionally reasonable prices, I am just getting started but cannot wait for massage and facial! Love this place. Would (and do!) highly recommend it to all of my friends.” –Amy Waldorf

“Very relaxing and nice staff. They always have information available and are very knowledgeable! Love this place!” –Chef Keeba